Welcome to the World of WordPress

WordPress is the most powerful self-hosted blogging tool used on millions of blogs and websites. It was started as an open-source project in 2003, later gained popularity because of its flexibility and ease of use. The main reason behind the success of WordPress is because of its resources (themes, plugins etc) which are free to use and experiment.


Interesting Facts about WordPress

  • Matt Mullenweg co-founded WordPress along with Mike Little.
  • Till date 15+ versions are released and the most recent one is WordPress 3.3.
  • WordPress got 4 Open Source awards for best CMS and Web App categories.
  • WordCamp conference is the place, where WordPress developers and users share their ideas.
  • Company behind WordPress is Automattic, which also owns BBPress, Akismet, Pollsdaddy etc.

About WPSquare

WPSquare is a blog, which is completely dedicated to WordPress niche. With lots of expertise and passion we took a step forward to help and communicate with the users of WordPress. After years of using this open source blog tool, we decided to give something back to the “WordPress community”, as a result WPSquare was born.

Things you can expect from us :

  1. Unbiased reviews of Themes, plugins and other WordPress stuff.
  2. WordPress snippets that helps to make the most out of your blog.
  3. Video Tutorials to customize and take your blog theme to next level.
  4. Ultimate WordPress resources to keep yourself Updated.
  5. Weekly news round-up from the WordPress community blogs.

Final Words

Apart from these we also got some other ideas, on which we decided to work in future. Also, we encourage our readers to share the information related to WordPress through blog comments, article submissions etc, so that it will be helpful for us in many ways.

If you want to contribute something to WordPress, take your idea to next level by simply contacting us. Meanwhile, please do subscribe to our feed.


  1. says

    The blog looks amazing! Can’t believe you’ve already got almost 400 Twitter Followers and about 200 FB likes! Do you even own some other blog or is this your first one?

    Talking about WordPress, pheww! What can I say huh? It’s my second home! Do check out my blog.

    And yeah, why’s the blog plugin-less? Where’s CommentLuv, the ‘Chief Marketing Director’? 😀


  2. says

    WordPress is really the best framework your going to need. You can customize the code according to your needs and you have a whole lot of resources that you can use. Did you know that 48 of the world’s best blogs are built on WordPres??

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