How to Organize a Giveaway using PunchTab

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Detailed guide on How to Organize a Giveaway using PunchTab. If you are looking forward to organize a giveaway on your blog then we recommend to use PunchTab app, through which a custom giveaway widget can be created.

The main motto behind organizing a giveaway is to get some benefits in the form of social media votes, newsletter subscriptions etc and all these can be easily achieved by using a 3rd party giveaway widget like PunchTab.


Why to Organize Giveaway using PunchTab ?

First of all PunchTab is free to use and can be used across many blogging platforms. Awesome features are available and everything can be easily controlled using the handy options. Supports all major social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc and its damn easy to get the social media exposure for your giveaway.

Create a Giveaway using PunchTab

It is quite simple to create a giveaway using PunchTab. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to use PunchTab to manage a giveaway on your blog.

Step 1: Signup for PunchTab using your email address and on the dashboard you can notice “Giveaway” link, just click on it.


 Step 2: By using the “New Giveaway” link, create a giveaway by entering the title and selecting some required options.


 Step 3: Now, you can Add any of these available entry methods, by clicking on the “Add This” Button. The best part is you can add multiple items also.

Move to the next step, where you can order and rearrange these items based on the priority. Once done with that, you need to add this widget to your article.

How to add PunchTab widget to WordPress

After creating the giveaway, you need to add the code snippet, wherever you need to display the PunchTab widget. Just copy and paste the code in your giveaway article and publish it. An awesome widget with all info will be live on that article.


This is how it will look when you add PunchTab widget to your blog. You can also check the live version and can win 3 free ElegantThemes memberships by following this link Giveaway #2 – Get 3 Free Elegant Themes Memberships.


This is how to organize giveaway using PunchTab on WordPress blog and if you need any help or looking for PunchTab invitation, drop a comment here.

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  1. Nice app recommendation. I’ve noticed many times these types of add-ons might slow your site page load. Have you ever seen this type of concerns for this app? Also does it impact SEO at all? Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great tutorial Bharat. I generally use Rafflecopter to organize giveaways on my blogs, either I do it manually :).

  3. Saad says:

    previously I used to use rafflecopter but i am not really satisfied with the results so ill use punchtab for my next giveaway :)

  4. Deepak says:

    Thanks for sharing this I would like to use this rather that another one which i usally use it.

  5. Hi Bharat, Great tutorial I came here from FB and got really valuable information from your this post. What do you think which one is better. Roffelcopter or this PunchTab?

    • Hi Raheem, thanks for dropping by. We tried both Rafflecopter and PunchTab, in our view PunchTab is a bit ahead when compared to RC. For your next giveaway try PunchTab and you surely will like it.

  6. Sakku says:

    Great Tutorial. Nice to learn about new tools. We get used to Goodbuzz ( it’s quite similar but with free unlimited promotions

  7. A very nice way to promote your blog! Thanks for the post.

  8. Planning to try out in my website. Let see how the response is. If it is viral then i would be happy

  9. Punchtab is great. I’m currently running a $75 Cash Prize GiveAway with it

    thanks for sharing this

  10. Thanks for this article. I just finished my first Punchtab giveaway, and I am sold! It was amazing to see how it got people sharing and helping spread the word about my free handcrafted jewelry giveaways. I wanted to do some research on a comparison between them and Rafflecopter and the need to manually validate entries on Rafflecopter is a big turn off. For what I need to do, Punchtab offers more than enough features and great flexibility…for free! Great app and very responsive support. I do both monthly and random giveaways. This will be my last month doing the monthly manually – way too much work. I only wish I could use Punchtab for both, but you can only have 1 giveaway active at a time. So, I’m going to use them for my monthly and most likely Giveaway Tab on Facebook for my randoms beginning next month.

  11. Leslie says:

    Does Punchtab work for blogs? For some reason, the snippet keeps disappearing whenever I insert it into my blog. I tried it in my blog (where I don’t actually want it) and it worked. Am I missing something or is Punchtab only designed for blogs?

  12. I’m having the same issue as Leslie (above). But when I tried pasting in the html code in both my and my site, it didn’t work. Nothing shows up. When I go back to the text view, the snippet has disappeared.

  13. anis says:

    nice post here Punchtab is the best way to run a giveaway thanks for sharing!

  14. I have used Punchtab for the last few months for my free jewelry giveaways and LOVE it. I was amazed at how easy it is to set up, you can involve more than one blogger or facebook page, and excited about how fast people took advantage of all the various ways to earn entries. After having done it manually, I’m never going back :-) Love it and highly recommend. Also, they provide access to emails (if you allow users to sign up via email as well as FB) which can be exported.

  15. Hey Bharat, it’s really an useful tutorial for me. I was thinking about Punchtab alternatives. Rafflecopter is the one I have found equally useful. The PunchTab UI is good still this post adds a lot of value.

  16. Can you use punchtab just on facebook & twitter without putting it on a web page?

    • WPSquare says:

      Yes you can use Punchtab on Facebook and Twitter.

  17. kerry says:

    Hello, Bharath. I am currently running a Punchtab giveaway on my website which is very useful for gaining FB fanpage followers. My question is how to I move from the sidebar widget which host the link to the actual “Punchtab Giveaway” BLOG POST, to a plugin that can be hosted on all pages at the bottom of each blog post? (creating more of an opportunity to entice visitors to join the FB Fan Page…)

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