How to Auto Post to Google Plus from WordPress Blog

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How to Auto Post to Google+ Plus from WordPress Blog. Google Plus is a social networking platform created by the popular search engine Google. It got many awesome features and helps bloggers, webmasters to drive traffic to their blog. Here is the detailed info on Google+ and how to auto link your WordPress Blog with it.


Reasons to link Google+ Plus with your WordPress Blog

  • Google drives traffic to your blog, so using Google+ gives better exposure.
  • Its stand alone features like hangouts etc helps to interact with others.
  • All Google +1’s are considered while ranking your blog post in search results.
  • Apart from these, its a best alternative for those who hate to use Facebook.

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Is it possible to Auto Post to Google+ Plus from WordPress Blog ?

At present Google+ API (released in September 2011) provides read-only access to public data, hence posts only go one way. Google+ can be connected to Facebook and Twitter to automatically cross-post your content, but there is no perfect solution to Auto Post from a WordPress Blog.

How to Auto Post to Google+ Plus from WordPress Blog

At present, the only possible solution to auto post from WordPress blog to Google+ is by using this plugin.

WPGPlus WordPress Plugin

WPGplus is a free WordPress plugin that heps to cross-post your articles from WordPress blog to your Google+ Plus profile.

Features of WPGPlus Plugin

  • Posts will be automatically published to your Google + Profile.
  • Recognizes links, images etc things.
  • Based on PHP script for publishing to Google+ from php.
  • It also includes post excerpt (used in meta box)

How to use WPGPlus Plugin

  • Download and Install WPGPlus Plugin using the link below.

WPGPlus WordPress Plugin »


  • Go to WPGPlus admin menu and login using Google username and Password.


  • You can also use custom meta box, which is available in post editor page to add message for Google+ post.


You have successfully integrated your WordPress blog with Google+ profile and Whenever you publish an article in WordPress blog, it will be automatically posted to your Google+ Profile.

Alternate Methods to Auto Post to Google+ Plus from WordPress

Here are some alternative methods created by third-party application developers and they claim that its possible to auto post content from WordPress blog to Google Plus, lets see how those things work.

gPressor WordPress Plugin


gPressor plugin is the result of experiments done to link WordPress blog with Google+. This plugin is available to download  at WarriorForum and its developer claims that its possible to auto post content on WordPress blog (including Posts and Pages) to Google Plus. It works on SMS related stuff and is fully functional in India and US.

For further info on this, check out – Google Plus Poster

NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster


NextScripts is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to auto-post from WordPress blog to social networking blogs including Facebook and Twitter. But coming to Google+ you need buy their script (priced at $49) and have to set it up by contacting your hosting support.

For further info on this, check out – NextScripts Google Plus

Hope you like this article on how to Auto Post to Google+ Plus from WordPress Blog, if you got any query related to this article, simply drop a comment.

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  1. Thanks mate. This is what i have been searching from last month :) Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Finally! Something that I was waiting for is here! Is there any similar plugin which can post automatically on Facebook? And yeah…I need some help from you guys! Please tell me the plugin you use for that SLIDER which shows a random post! Thanks! (There’s no subscribe to replies button! Please mail me the answer!) Cheers

    • There are many plugins to automatically post on Facebook and can you please post the link to that slider ?

      • he means the autoslider at the bottom right of the screen as you scroll down. The ‘More in ‘ plugin that u are using. i also need to install it on my site.
        Also i need to ask, will the plugin wpgplus automatically post to G+ page or just the profile?

  3. Hhmm… Sounds great, you means that without the expenditure of time in logging in, post WP post to Google plus.

  4. Rajesh says:

    i like it thank you very much….

  5. So it only posts to the account holder and not a specific company page?

  6. I liked your recommendations, but isn’t it risky to provide Google account password to this plugin?
    How much safe this WPGplus plugin?

  7. Ramesh says:

    You are right. But i am not ready to give my email id and password.

  8. I still cant figure it out for my website :( can someone help me out in it???

  9. Anderson says:

    Hi, interesting post. I have a question… Does WPGPlus WordPress Plugin publish on Google Plus Profile Stream or on Google Plus Page Stream?

  10. So it only posts to the account holder and not a specific company page?

  11. Sk says:

    Hi! Has there been anything out that can post to a specific page instead of the account?

  12. I tried this and it’s never posted. Anyone else had problems?

  13. Thank you, I was looking all over for one simple and quick. Why the heck did they name it WPGPlus did they not want people to find it??? :)

  14. Yogesh says:

    WPG Plus is an awesome plugin and working nicely for my blog. Thanks for sharing it dear, I was looking for it.

  15. Michael says:

    Tried them all. None of the “Free” are working. I really tried. No posts on my Google+. I ended up buying NextScripts.
    I must say – $49 well spent. Works like a charm. It can post to both Profile Stream and to Google Plus Page Stream.

  16. Ravi says:

    I tried but could not get it to work.:(

  17. If Google not update his API… can be the dead of G+ (the same of ex social networks his have like gBuzz and gWave)

  18. Thanks bro, finally I won’t need to manually post my articles to G+.

  19. dred says:

    useful information, thank you

  20. mon says:

    This will be great. i have found some wordpress plugin that automatically post on other social network like FB twitter, tumblr but i didnt see for google plus. Glad for sharing this. Thanks

  21. Plenty of thanks for posting this. Had been looking for a solution, but to no avail. Keep up the good work.

  22. thanks for this use post. now i can post to google plus by using this plugin. Thankyou.

  23. Miguel says:

    How come this thing doesn’t work for me ? am I doing something wrong ?
    How long does it takes to replicate the post on Google+ ? Please help!!

  24. Great post and very well informed! I will try out this G+ plugin, Thank you.

    • I tried this and it’s never posted! Just gave me error ‘ can not connect to media’. So, this plugin is history!

  25. Now i can publish my post to google plus.

  26. Fred says:

    We tested the NextScripts Pro, don’t do it. There isn’t a way to limit the number of posts per hour so you end up spamming groups if you have a high volume site. Which can get you banned from the social platform where you are posting.

  27. Safras says:

    If NextScripts can develop this why we cant develop?
    Please help me to find a way, thanks

  28. Aha, just what I’ve been looking for.

    Do any of these post to specific circles? e.g. So I can set my posts to automatically be posted to certain circles instead of just to the account in general?

    Currently I manually ‘share’ and then set it to public, extended circles and then specific circles I want the post highlighted in . Can it do that? Or does it matter if its being set to public/extended circles anyway?

  29. I figured out how to do it!!!!!!!
    I tried Gpressor & WPGPlus plugins but they are unreliable (I think Google blocks them?).
    So here is how I do it:
    1) Create WP post. Syndicate to Blogger. (I use Links Alpha for this).
    2) Go to blogger account. Select “posts”. Click share.
    Voila Blogger posts to the Google+page!
    Note: I have a personal gmail account and g+ profile under which I have my g+ page for my business.
    I had to transfer my blogger blog from my personal gmail account to my business gmail account (we use Google Apps).
    Then when I click Share in blogger it shares from my business domain to my business page….
    It seems you cannot share from a personal gmail account to a business page.

  30. This is exactly what I’m trying to do. Thanks a lot for your post.

  31. It’s a greet article, i admit it but the WPGPlus need to login by google account!? doesn’t it harm your account? anyone knowledge about php please tell me more before i used it.

  32. Nice, I came across to your article after finding out the real thing to deal with auto publish in gplus. Anyway, on the settings what is the purpose of “Enable debug file”

  33. I have used WPGPlus on my blog and it does seem to post anything to my google+ account, I don’t know if there are people here who have proof that its working perfectly but if one exist here and reads this comment, please i really like to know maybe there is something i am doing wrong with the plugin.
    I didn’t read your blog Comment Policy before posting my first comment so please accept my apology.

  34. Auto post of WordPress blogs in Google plus is really amazing feature and I will definitely try to add this feature on my blog. Thanks.

  35. Thank you very much for this post.

    I do have another question, I really like the pop up you have at the bottom right corner of the site. Is that a plugin?


  36. I have added WPGPlus Plugin, But i am getting error “A valid URL was not provided”. Although the post published but iget this error on a blank browser page. “A valid URL was not provided” And posts are not being published on google plus.
    Help me to resolve this issue.

  37. Hi Bharath,

    Thanks for sharing the post, but unfortunately wpgplus is not posting any post to my Google+ account.

  38. Fay says:


    Thanks for sharing but unfortunately wpgplus is also not working for me.

  39. Next script is the best.. though its not free but worth buying it….

  40. Thanks a lot for this useful information. Seems Google+ gives more better result for SEO then I have to integrate my blog with it.

  41. Does anyone know how to auto-post WordPress blog posts to my Google+ PAGE and NOT profile?

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